Consultancy in enterprise and project management

We connect people, strategy, innovation and technology in ways that master complex business challenges



A2 MANAGEMENT is a unique consultancy specialising in enterprise and project management.

We connect people, strategy, innovation and technology in ways that master complex business challenges to deliver sustainable results for our clients.

Today the world’s leading businesses face serious and complex strategic questions:

  • What kind of business development best suits my company?
  • Is our company now smart and strong enough to handle this opportunity?
  • How should we respond to the challenge of sustainability?
  • What role can innovation play in our fight to secure competitive advantage?
  • Where will the energy debate lead our organisation and its markets?

A2 MANAGEMENT is a multi-dimensional consultancy uniquely placed to help businesses identify answers and implement solutions to these and other challenges.


A2 MANAGEMENT provides a comprehensive assurance of the purchasing processes for its clients, especially public procurement services according under the law no. 343/2015 Coll. on Public Procurement and on Amendments to Certain Laws.


  • Analyze the subject matter of the procurement and propose the most appropriate procedure in accordance with applicable legislation
  • Design tender documents and related documentation from the procurement process
  • Preparation of a call for tenders, public procurement notices
  • Execute of tender documents
  • Communicating with candidates / bidders
  • Explanation of the tender documents
  • Responses to requests for redress
  • Writing records
  • Creation of commissions, opening and evaluation of received offers from tenderers
  • Technical security of electronic auctions
  • Communication with Managing Authorities and Intermediate Bodies within the Structural Funds
  • Communication with the Public Procurement Office

Purchase management

  • Optimizing the purchasing processes of the organization
  • Design of new purchasing processes
  • Optimize processes to minimize costs and potential problems
  • Creating and implementing a purchasing strategy
  • Advice on preparing and creating offers
  • Representing the client in the tender


A2 MANAGEMENT delivers results in:

Strategic visioning and planning

Pioneering innovative ideas and new directions in multi-dimensional cross-industry environments

Facilitating the creation of effective communication channels and cooperation in cross-industry disciplines

Within these key areas, A2 MANAGEMENT helps to identify opportunities and to create new beginnings by supporting businesses, SMEs, start-ups, NGOs, government offices, communities and foundations in the following areas:

  • Strategic direction and visioning
  • Strategic networking
  • Cross-sector management and coordination
  • Financial development – to attract investment and sponsorship
  • Business plan development and action plans
  • Comprehensive fund development plans and proposals
  • Brand strategy, marketing, design and media relations
  • Network building and development of ‘circles of influence’
  • Market research and impact assessments
  • Public engagement studies
  • Mentoring and coaching for Boards, Managers and professional staff
  • Meeting and seminar facilitation
  • Conference and special event planning


A2 MANAGEMENT provides significant expertise in:

Innovation and Science

Research and Development






Startup funding


We will be happy to answer your questions.



A2 MANAGEMENT provides an extensive range of service:

Market Insight

Market research according to project needs, Market networking and sourcing – connecting customers, supplier, distributors and producers, Local market competence and knowledge, facilitating the implementation of global strategies in the local market, Product positioning, marketing, awareness improvement and management, HR sourcing

Project management

Cross-industry and cross-segment services, Audit, process improvement proposals, project planning, Cost and financial planning, Cross-segment Project Executive Management for Infrastructure building, IT-Building and Construction-Technology-Staff-Operation

Restructuring Services

Innovative consulting and advice for public sector government offices and other non-profit organisations (science institutes and universities), Top know-how management, Benchmarking, Reference management Optimization and performance improvement management Market positioning and Brand Awareness Improvement

Cross Industry Networking

Negotiation Services, Cross-Industry Business Translation, Ideas and Knowledge Transfer, Project and Idea Networking (Business to Science to Research to Government to University to Finance to Industry), Procurement and Supplier to Demand Management, Legal and Regulatory Services, Public Procurement Office Services

Enterprise management

Specialist advice for startups and SMEs, Process audit, consultancy and advice, Internal corporate management processes for SMEs - Science to Industry Transfer oriented

Segment Sales management

Expert support for Startups and SMEs

If you require any other service, please contact us and we will be happy to tailor make a solution for your specific needs.


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